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from the past

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摘要: Thisyear'sNationalDayisalittledifferentfromthepast.Thethreefilmsthathavebeenscheduledforrelease:"TheWayBack","TheWillofSteel"and"OrdinaryHeroes"areall......
This year's National Day is a little different from the past. The three films that have been scheduled for release: "The Way Back", "The Will of Steel" and "Ordinary Heroes" are all theme films adapted from real events.

On September 27, the disaster film Search and Rescue, starring Yen Zidan, was suddenly announced to be released nationwide on October 3. Although there is less than 5 days before the premiere, this film is very different from the above three real events. It is a fictional disaster film, which also gives the audience a choice on the National Day. Yen Zidan is expected to release three films this year. Which one do you expect?

1. Search and Rescue

This is a disaster movie directed by Luo Zhiliang, starring Yen Zidan, Han Xue, Jia Bing, Tang Xu and others. The film, with the search and rescue police as the main character, tells a story of never giving up and creating a miracle of life.

This film should be a miserable image of Yen in recent years. His face is scarred on the fixed poster, and he has never been in a "miserable" state before. In the film, he also performed a drama of crying bitterly. People are full of expectations for the acting skills of this kungfu superstar.

Yen Zidan not only starred in the film, but also acted as the producer of the film, which greatly helped the artistic creation and financing of the film. This is also a transformation of his work, which has lost the edge and aura of the kung fu superstar "Beating the Universe" and returned to become an ordinary father. In order to save his son, he kneels down on the ground and asks for help. He jumps into the glacier in the snow and ice regardless of everything, all of which reflect the tenacity of "father's love is like a mountain", which fits the eight words "sacrifice his life to save his son, and exchange his life for his life" on the poster.

The film takes place in the northeast of China in the cold winter season. Ade, played by Yen Zidan, takes his family to Changbai Mountain for a trip on his own. He used to travel happily, but his 8-year-old son was unfortunately lost due to Ade's fault.

The Ade couple sought assistance from the local authorities. After 48 hours of difficult search and rescue, the child was still not found. Even though the hope is dim, the search and rescue police are still persistent. Can Ade finally save his son? On October 3, everyone went to the cinema to solve the mystery.

The crew took the scene on the spot, went deep into the cold Jedi in the Northeast Snow Village, and filmed two winters in the snow mountain, forest and ice lake environment of Changbai Mountain. The real natural environment combined with modern science and technology made the audience feel like they were in "desperate rescue".

The latest trailer, "The coming is fierce", shows the father played by Yen Zidan's "broken feeling" of anxiety and collapse after his son's loss, and his determination to sacrifice his life for his family through scenes and plots such as snowstorms, mountain avalanches, falling ice lakes, underwater rescue, etc.

The film premiered in August 2022 as a specially recommended film at the launching ceremony of the 29th College Students Film Festival! This time, it will be released during the National Day. With the influence of Yen Zidan, it will definitely lead a wave of movie watching craze!

2. The Golden Empire

This film is funded by Starlight Media and SA Inc, and Yen Zidan is also the producer and starring in a crime thriller. He plays a chinese mexican drug kingpin in the film and is the most wanted criminal of the united states and mexican government. The film is mainly shot in the United States, and the plot spans Asia, North America and South America.

The film will explore the complexity of the role and "show the inner struggle of one of the most successful transnational drug lords in the world". Producer Peter Luo said that the film was the first drug kingpin themed film starring Asian Americans and targeting global audiences. He also said that he was convinced by Yen Zidan's performance in Chasing the Dragon that he was the star of the Golden Empire.

In Chasing the Dragon, Yen Zidan portrayed a flamboyant, ruthless and brutal gangster in flesh and blood. His acting skills were also recognized by the audience, making everyone realize that he can not only fight but also play. Netizens are also full of expectations for the drug kingpin he plays in the Golden Empire, and leave messages to support his suitability for this role.

3. Master

This kung fu film is directed by Hong Kong's new director Zheng Baorui and starred by Yen Zidan. The story is set in the 1970s. It tells the story of a Hong Kong Chinese immigrant who opened a kung fu school in the United States and inadvertently became the revenge target of the gun shop owner.

The stills of Ip Man 4

In this film, Yen Zidan will continue to show his kungfu movie style from fist to flesh. The plot of the film is a little like the derivative of "Ye Man 4". Although we beat foreigners hard in "Ye Man 4", if we want to continue to carry forward Chinese Kung Fu, we need to open a library to recruit students. As a result, we are facing new challenges.

The stills of Ip Man 4

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It is reported that Yen Zidan has established a new company "Super Hero" with Huanya Film. The first film prepared by the company is the Kung Fu film "Master" directed by Zheng Baorui. It is reported that the film will appear in the trading market of Cannes Film Festival for the first round of publicity.
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